TBT provide a laundry service as part of a larger Cynergi contact for Granta Park Cambridge and also a rental service for housekeeping items such as bath towels.

“Cynergi in conjunction with Illumina awarded TBT Uniforms the contract for Granta Park Cambridge on December 2018. Since June 2019, I have been in contact with Derya Amon from TBT Uniforms who has been providing us with several services – bath towels, laboratory coats etc.

I have had regular contact with TBT Uniforms management and have been pleasantly surprised to find a service contractor who not only deals promptly with any minor issues that may arise but are also proactive and versatile in their approach to the contract as a whole.

This involvement of management and the support and direction she gives to the service gives us complete confidence in TBT Uniforms to deliver a first class service and we fully support their work with Cynergi.”

Saeed Arya

Contracts Manager