NHS Royal Papworth Hospital

In February 2019, suppliers in the Far East had to stop production of all PPE disposable gowns and other NHS equipment due to the Covid-19 outbreak. One (among a host of other) problems facing the NHS was the fear that hospital staff would not have adequate PPE garments to protect their staff.

We knew that the NHS needed help so when we received the phone call to supply scrubs for Royal Papworth Hospital, we did everything in our power to accommodate the request. At this point, the pressure was building with a shortage of surgical gowns. Immediately, all our in-stock scrubs were given to Royal Papworth, and we manufactured more to fulfill the order.

All reusable gowns are washed to the NHS standard at 65 degrees Celsius using carefully measured doses of our PPE detergent. As part of the process, TBT checks and monitors the gowns for alterations and repairs to ensure that the garments maintain their integrity when in use.

Each delivery that goes into Royal Papworth Hospital is checked and placed in packs for easy distribution within the hospital. 

From March 2019 to the present day, we are supplying and laundering the reusable gowns for Royal Papworth Hospital, giving them the peace of mind that all gowns are processed correctly to give their staff the correct protection. 

TBT has set the standard for reusable PPE gowns and we are ready to help the UK healthcare sector.

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