Safety Workwear

The Importance of Safety Workwear

  • Protection from accidents

Reflective wear enables the worker to be more visible to others and will avoid them being struck by a forklift in busy environments. High visibility workwear should be used in areas where there are moving vehicles, building yards, construction sites, warehouses and large storage houses. 

  •  Prevents burns

Depending on the industry, specialist workwear might be a requirement, such as fire retardant material which firefighters should use to avoid burns to the skin and a special material for lab coats to avoid chemical splashes on the skin. 

  •  Avoid lawsuits

It is very beneficial for the employer to have safety workwear as the UK have safety requirements for workplaces, they should always be followed to avoid unnecessary workplace accidents if the company doesn't follow the regulations then it could lead to the company getting sued.


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