100% Cotton

How is cotton made?

Cotton is made from a plant that is from the "Mallow" family. Inside the boil of the plant, there are tiny fibres (the seed pod of the cotton plant). The boils are stripped from the plant by harvesting machines. Next, the sticky cotton seeds are separated from the wool then the de-seeded cotton is cleaned, spun and woven into the fabric.

Where is the cotton grown?

Cotton is grown in warm climate countries such as the USA, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Brazil, Pakistan, China, India, Brazil.

The benefits of cotton -

  • Breathable

Cotton is a breathable fabric and draws heat away from the skin so is perfect for sportswear clothing and doesn't retain any odours which means you can wear it more and wash it less, this will save water, money and energy.

  • Versatile

It is a very versatile fibre so can be used for a variety of fabrics including corduroy, chambray, lace and velour., can be used with a variety of clothing.

  • Low maintenance

Cotton is easier to wash and care for than other fabrics because it's strong, durable and good quality so it will less likely rip or tear.

  • Keep its shape and appearance

Cotton is a very soft fabric that keeps its shape for a long time even after many washes. Also, cotton will shed any pills in the wash so the clothes will always stay smooth.

  • Hypoallergenic

Cotton is thought to not cause allergic reactions. so it's practical for people with very sensitive skin and the fabric won't cause static electricity.