How is hemp turned into fabric?

It's made from the stem of the plant. The long strands of fibre are separated from the bark this process is called retting. The fibres are spun together to make a thread that can be turned into fabric. Then once the fabric is created it can be dyed.

What is hemp fabric?

Hemp is an environmental super fibre and one of the eco-friendliness materials in the world. Hemp is made from a plant called "Cannabis Savita".

 The benefits of hemp fabric -

  • Eco print

Hemp does not need harmful chemicals to be made. Hemp produces oxygen, it's a renewable resource and a very versatile fibre.

  • Strong fabric

Hemp is a strong durable fabric that lasts a long time, it softens with age and washing without losing its shape or appearance.

  • Hypoallergenic

According to many tests, hemp fabric is hypoallergenic and doesn't irritate the skin as well as killing bacteria.

  • Feel of fabric

Hemp can look and feel like cotton depending on the blend, becomes softer with age rather than wearing out and feels very comfortable against the skin.

  • Great for hot weather

Hemp fabric is ideal for when it's hot because the fabric is breathable, absorbs moisture and is UV resistant.