Commercial Laundry Service

Commercial laundry service covering Cambridgeshire, Essex, London and Hertfordshire and Manchester.


Our commercial laundry service covers tablecloths, napkins, uniforms and other dry cleaning items, all for as little as £25.00a week per 15kg, no catch and no hidden cost.

All purchased tablecloths are manufactured in-house to your requested size, fabric quality and quantity at a competitive price.


Here are our 5 tips and guidelines to help prevent the spread of viruses along with the golden rule of washing your hands thoroughly and often with warm, soapy water.  

 1. 90°C Main Wash 

 Research from Germany suggests that to kill the virus washing machines will need to hold 90°C for 10 minute  

2. Tumble Dry at a High Heat for 30 Minutes 

 Professor Kelly Reynolds, a germ researcher at the University of Arizona, advises that high heat drying for at least 28 minutes is the most effective way to kill viruses.    

3. Ozone (O3) is able to destroy the SARS coronavirus 

 For decades Ozone has been used to kill 99%+ of harmful bacteria and viruses. There are over 17 scientific studies proving Ozone can kill the SARS coronavirus and as the structure of the new coronavirus is almost identical it is expected that Ozone will destroy the new strain.   

 4. Detergents & Cleaning Chemicals  

A good stock of effective laundry detergent could be essential in the coming weeks to protect and sanitise your linen and fabrics.    

5. Listen to The Experts 

 Keep calm and listen to the experts which include the NHS, the World Health Organisation, Gov.UK and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.   

 We offer a full range of laundry services and can support all the latest recommendations for safe, sanitised and clean linen. 


Why use TBT laundry service?

  • In-house Quality Control team checks to ensure all returned Linen, uniforms etc. are washed packed and returned to a very high standard
  • Weekly pick up and drop off times available
  • Drop-off to a location of your choice
  • Commercial laundry services from £25.00 per week per 15kg of laundry
  • All types of laundry services are available on request including the latest innovations that ensure we can clean your laundry to NHS standards which includes ozone washing.



 How it Works




TBT laundry procedure how it works


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