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A leading choice in bespoke uniforms

At TBT Uniforms, our clients are the most important part of our business. Learn about some of the organisations we have worked with or speak to our Peterborough-based team to place an order of your own.

Learn about the companies and organisations we supply

Over the years, TBT Uniforms has supplied a number of fantastic businesses, groups and organisations across the country. From hospitals to hospitality, we are committed to offering affordable and high-quality uniform services. All uniforms are made here in the UK by our skilled team to ensure our clients can enjoy garments of exceptional quality. 

Learn more about the people we have worked with and feel free to get in touch with our team today.

NHS Royal Papworth Hospital

Suppliers in the Far East had to stop production of all PPE disposable gowns and other NHS equipment due to the  outbreak of Covid-19. One of the many problems facing the NHS was the fear that hospital staff would not have adequate PPE garments to protect their staff.

We knew that the NHS needed help so when we received the phone call to supply scrubs for Royal Papworth Hospital, we did everything in our power to accommodate the request. At this point, the pressure was building with a shortage of surgical gowns. Immediately, all our in-stock scrubs were given to Royal Papworth, and we manufactured more to fulfil the order.

All reusable gowns are washed to the NHS standard at 65 degrees celsius using carefully measured doses of our PPE detergent. As part of the process, TBT Uniforms checks and monitors the gowns for alterations and repairs to ensure that the garments maintain their integrity when in use.

Each delivery that goes into Royal Papworth Hospital is checked and placed in packs for easy distribution within the hospital. 

From March 2019 to the present day, we have been supplying and laundering the reusable gowns for Royal Papworth Hospital, giving them the peace of mind that all gowns are processed correctly to give their staff the correct protection. 

hospital janitor keeps a clean ward floor
Warehouse Worker with Walkie Talkie

Fast Forward Ltd (Logistics Company)

"Brand awareness is a key factor in my industry so having the right uniform was critical to my business.

My challenge was that I needed good quality uniforms that were going to look smart and be comfortable. In my industry staff are constantly on the go and are dealing with customers 24/7. They understand the importance of smart appearance and professionalism. Brand reputation is important to me, key factors for me are clean vehicles, smart uniforms and confident staff.

Going through my challenges with TBT Uniforms helped me come up with a range that both my staff and I were happy with. It was good that there were various options, buying or renting and the laundry service, which was great as all services were flexible. I especially liked the idea that my staff were measured with a fit session arranged - this gave me confidence that all my staff uniforms were going to fit well and look good. 

Just a quick note to say the staff are very pleased with their uniforms, they have found them a pleasure to wear, and especially pleased as they had input into the styling. We will be placing another order soon!"

Brian May 
Managing director 

Lussmanns Restaurant

"Being the head chef it is important to me that uniforms are always looking clean. Working in the food industry we need to prevent product cross contamination. All staff get changed at the start of their shifts and change after every shift. The rental/laundry service was a good option for us as I didn’t have to worry about the appearance of the uniforms at the beginning of every shift.

After having a meeting and explaining our issues, TBT Uniforms took notes and asked key questions that would be beneficial to the restaurant, coming up with a solution that would work alongside our very busy kitchen. 

All jackets are looking vibrantly white and crisp at all times. The uniforms quality is great and the fit is very comfortable (and easy to take on and off). The laundry service has seen no delays on deliveries and pickups, so it really is one less thing for me to worry about.

Just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for the jackets - the quality is great and look they amazing! Looking forward to the trousers delivery and I’m confident they will be as well received as the jackets."

Liam Amon
Head Chef 
Lussmanns Restaurant

Restaurant Meal
Nail artist preparing a client's nails, clear varnish

Belle Boutique

"Being a nail technician my appearance is important that I always look smart and professional. Uniform was something I needed to refresh on. I wanted something a bit more fashionable. I looked on a few websites but there was nothing new the same styles nothing that would make me stand out from the rest. I needed advice badly!!!

Somebody mentioned TBT Uniforms are not just a uniform company they offer free consultation on designs and fitting service so I approached them and explained my frustration and how I wanted to be different from your average nail technician. It was a well worthwhile meeting and none of my ideas or suggestion was dismissed. I was looking for workwear that was going to be fashionable, smart and comfortable. Offering some good advice, things I didn’t even think about.

The uniform for the job I picked is great, its comfortable and extremely good quality material that washes well. I’ve had customers comment on how great the uniform is and looking professional. Extremely happy with the service and how helpful the company was. Listening to what I wanted and came up with the perfect uniform. Thank you so much and I will be recommending them to other saloons."

Claire Skilbeck
Nail Technician
Belle Boutique

Poets House

TBT Uniforms provide a laundry service for Poets House that includes pick up and drop off of items three times a week. TBT launder restaurant and housekeeping items including towels, mops, dusting cloths etc. Poets House have also commissioned us to provide uniforms for the housekeeping staff, including logo and these are regularly laundered and topped up. 

“We would thoroughly recommend TBT. They are truly professional in all they do and have been incredibly flexible when we need! Thank you, TBT!”



Poets House Hotel

Hotel Bed
Folded towels with wicker basket and softener


We provide a laundry service as part of a larger Cynergi contact for Granta Park Cambridge and also a rental service for housekeeping items such as bath towels.

“Cynergi in conjunction with Illumina awarded TBT Uniforms the contract for Granta Park Cambridge on December 2018. Since June 2019, I have been in contact with Derya Amon from TBT Uniforms, who has been providing us with several services – bath towels, laboratory coats etc.

I have had regular contact with TBT Uniforms management and have been pleasantly surprised to find a service contractor who not only deals promptly with any minor issues that may arise but are also proactive and versatile in their approach to the contract as a whole.

This involvement of management and the support and direction she gives to the service gives us complete confidence in TBT Uniforms to deliver a first class service and we fully support their work with Cynergi.”

Saeed Arya

Contracts Manager


Horsley Hale Farm

An "Oasis in the Fens", Horsley Hale Farm is a magical place just outside of Ely, Cambridgeshire and hosts glamping, corporate events and special occasions such as weddings. 

TBT Uniforms are delighted to work with such an interesting business and provide laundry services for bedding and related items. As a business that provides singular events that people will remember, it is essential that Horsley Hale Farm has a partner that is both flexible and professional.

As well as routine pickups and deliveries each week, we provide additional services as and when needed, a key requirement for the hospitality sector.

“Fantastic service, friendly staff and very easy to do business with. Switching to TBT Uniforms has made our campsite turnaround significantly easier and more efficient. Would thoroughly recommend.”

Stuart Hatton


Horsley Hale Farm

Wedding bouquet on vintage wedding car
Chefs Portrait

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