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Stacked Rolls of Fabric

A wide choice of uniform fabrics

Ensure your employees can enjoy comfortable, stylish and safe workwear with the help of TBT Uniforms. Based in Peterborough we offer a nationwide service.

Choose the ideal materials for your staff uniforms

Material choice is a key part in creating a fantastic uniform your teams will love. At TBT Uniforms, we are able to supply and manufacture a wide selection of garments from a fantastic range of materials. With decades of industry experience and a dedicated team of garment specialists, and can create the ideal uniform for a fantastic price. 


Based in Peterborough, our team supports business from across the UK from a range of sectors including retail, hospitality, healthcare and construction. Below, you can find out more about our top pics for materials. If you have any specialist requirements, please feel free to contact our team.

Fabric Scissors


One of the most environmentally-friendly fabrics available, hemp is made from the Cannabis Savita plant. It doesn’t require harmful chemicals to make, is highly renewable, and feels great on skin even in hot weather. It is a strong fabric, making it suitable for a range of workplace applications.

Fabric label size 8, 100% Cotton, textured background


An all-natural option, cotton remains a popular choice for work uniforms. This material is breathable, versatile and relatively low-maintenance. It is also hypoallergenic, making it a practical choice for those with sensitive skin.

Cotton Fabric Texture


Polycotton is a blended material which combines the soft, absorbable nature of cotton with the durable, lightweight properties of polyester. Utilising recycled polyester, it is an effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to virgin polyester. The material has a low chance of shrinkage, and can be ironed.  

Samples of polyester fabric  for men's suit

Recycled polyester

A man-made fabric, our polyester is a popular, affordable option ideal for uniforms. Our recycled polyester is made from PET, which is a common ingredient in water bottles. As a fully recycled material it is a great choice for environmentally-conscious businesses. It has a fleece-like texture.

Large stack of colourful fabric rolls

Extra wide fabrics

In addition to our regular options, we can also supply extra wide 320cm fabric by the metre. This material is ideal for bespoke tablecloths, and is a polycotton mix. Available in plain and textured, with a range of colours available.

T-Shirt Printing

To discuss our range of uniform fabrics, get in touch now on 01223 862903

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